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Yoga At Workplace Can Indeed Lower Your Stress

Regular work-changing environment and routine work increase stress on employees. This work-related stress leads to anxiety, depression, reduced productivity, low morale, and employee turnover. Searching for ways to get rid of the stressful work environment, organizations are discovering numerous benefits of yoga based wellness programs.

Benefits of yoga

The art of practicing yoga helps in controlling the mind, body, and soul. It gives an overall benefit of practicing yoga in an individual’s health and his well-being. It helps in managing anxiety, stress, keeps you relaxed and increases flexibility, muscle strength, and body tone. It improves respiration, vitality, and energy.

1. Lowers stress: A stressful office life, the pressure to meet deadlines, workload stress, and trying to balance personal and professional life can be hectic. Engaging in mindful breathing exercises and stretch through yoga poses can balance out the stress leading to more positive output at your workplace.

2. Better posture: An imperfect posture can lead to back pain. Working continuously on a computer can have a negative impact on your posture. Practicing yoga will help you to align and correct your posture.

3. Helps with creativity: Yoga helps you to concentrate and focus on the work and also opens the minds so that a person can think outside the box.

4. Increases positivity/morale: Healthy, relaxed and focused employees are more productive, creative. If they feel well physically mentally and emotionally, their morale would be high. Offering yoga classes at work or off-site is a cost-effective way to achieve good and productive employees.

Yoga at work desk

1. Seated Tadasana: Raise your both hands and try to straighten your elbow as much as possible, spread your fingers wide, engage your abs as you sit up tall, soften your shoulders, stack your head directly over your torso, and lift your chin up and back a tiny bit to help align your spine and find good posture, stay and breathe for 3-5 seconds slowly.

2. Seated Side Stretch: Raise your right hand up and tilt the arm to the left side find as much as length possible. Palm can face to the left. Keep space between your shoulders and ears.

3. Forward Fold: From shoulder stretch, drop your arms to the floor with the top of your head, gently nod your head “yes” and “no” to release tension in the back and neck. Keep your weight slightly forward into the balls of your feet.  

4. Chair Pigeon Pose: Sit normally on the chair, keep both your feet flat on the ground. Now place your right leg over your left in 90 degrees. Now press your foot in a way that the right ankle comes in line with the right knee. Hold for 3-5 breaths and repeat the entire process with your left knee.

5. Seated Twist: Sit tall in your chair, breathe deeply and as you exhale spin your body to either of the sides. Stay stagnant on the side you choose for 5 breaths and go back to normal position.


Importance of yoga

Yoga at the workplace leads to a positive work environment. A stress-free employee will work more efficiently, creatively and will discover the confidence to complete projects and solve problems creatively. Yoga develops best leadership skills, demonstrates employee appreciation and build a solid team from inside out.

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Yoga At Workplace Can Indeed Lower Your Stress
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Yoga At Workplace Can Indeed Lower Your Stress

The Unseen Gap Between Employer and Employees

The Employee Outlook


All Employees in an organisation are assigned certain responsibilities to be completed within a certain amount of time. There are times they feel like they are working day in and day out with limited resources and tools. The constant question ringing in their mind is, ”Am I at the right place? Am I utilising my skills well?”


Employees may or may not always see things beyond their own capabilities. Their desire to outperform every single task assigned may not be aligned with the organisation’s core objectives.


The Employer Outlook

Employers may or may not always see beyond their existing business potential as they are inclined towards the company’s overall reputation. They probably have a business plan in mind linked to certain company objectives. Their main motto is maximizing resources and tools crucial in achieving good profit.

They keep thinking often whether the employees are putting in enough effort to generate impressive results pointing towards business growth.


Employer and employees may not always think on the same track because their reason to join the organisation was different from Day 1. Here lies the gap that needs to be intervened at the right time and in the right way.


HR’s Role in Bridging the Gap

Define the Impact of Effort on Targets

When employees are aware of how their work quality is impacting the team’s combined targets, it is a major ego boost for them. This must be put into the employee’s conscience from the first day itself.


Invest in Peak Performers

When it comes to hiring top talents, go for the ones who fit your organisation's business goals. If he/ she has been hired for job A, you can also evaluate his skills for future needs. The main advantage in this is that you are utilising full capabilities of the employee if he turns out to be skilled in more than one field.


Create an Effective Work Environment

When organisations get to utilise those skill set of employees which are aligned with the business performance, change occurs. When performance expectations are clear, there is no room for a negative cycle of dialogues like, “This is not what I want..” or “This is not how it is done...”


HR professionals always face some challenges in meeting the demands of employees’ and employers’ while ensuring a smooth workflow.

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Meta Description
All Employees in an organisation are assigned certain responsibilities to be completed within a certain amount of time. There are times they feel like
Meta Title
The Unseen Gap Between Employer and Employees
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