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5 Tested Methods To Keep Employees Happy

People spend most of their time at workplace, so an employer should make sure that the employees are happy and optimistic. A happy employee is not only productive but also keeps the environment cheerful. There is now growing evidence that when one's employees are happy, organizations thrive.

According to 'The How Of Happiness' by Sonja Lyubomirsky’s, 50% of happiness is genetically predetermined, while 10% is due to circumstances in life (Family, health, etc.) and 40% is the result of your outlook.

The answer might not be just a salary boost a long-term implication would be to make your employees feel valued that will bring about significant change.

To begin with, read the following ways to impend the ‘Happiness Culture.’

Day 1 - A candidate becomes an employee on how he/she is treated on the first day of the job. Make them remember their first day, by introducing a new hire kit, which should include some goodies along with work-related supplies. This would not only make a good first impression but also ensure that the new hire would settle in straight away.

Interactions - Managers and human resources professionals should know the benefits of effective working relationships. HR’s and managers should be approachable in all work-related situations. HR's should take initiatives to help everyone in the organization develop the skills for positive interactions. Positive interactions boost morale and improve work satisfaction.

Salary On Time - An irregular salary cycle would make anyone unhappy, even HR's. Don’t keep your employees clued for their payday. The advancing technologies have made payroll processing simple using which one can schedule a fixed pay cycle. Having a fixed pay cycle motivates the employee further when the payday is near.

Employee Engagement - The organisation should allocate funds for quarterly or half-yearly fun activities. Investing in team-building activities help employees feel more motivated and engaged. Taking an entire day away from the office along with the team and the cost involved might not sound a good idea but think of it as an investment. This will play a vital role as your business will be more productive when your team is happy.

A Ladder To Grow - Implement a leadership development program or any program that helps the employee grow to the next level. Learning and development transition employees from a knowledge one to an innovation one. Also, when people feel supported, they get more space to be creative and do their best work.

It also helps in:

  • Identifying Best Talent
  • Retaining Best Employee
  • Build A Strong Team

So the truth is when employees are happy, life is better for everyone - even the customers. No matter how big or small the firm is when it comes to making the employees feel content, an organisation has to put in efforts. Having happy and productive employees is a must in light of today's economic landscape.

eHRMS by Neural IT is a cloud-based software helping simplify daily HR tasks. Digitize your HR function & let eHRMS empower HR’s to easily onboard new hires, track employee progress, and analyze data to support employee development and organization.

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Professional growth not only depends on employees' performance but also on how well motivated the employee is.
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5 Tested Methods To Keep Employees Happy | eHRMS

Improve Your Employee Productivity With Reward & Recognition

An organisation wants a productive workforce, and employees want to be recognised for the efforts they invest. Increasing productivity involves how to incentivize employee performance. "Rewards & Recognition" program is one way of increasing employee productivity.

According to Inc., an average worker is productive for a total of 2 hours and 53 minutes out of 8 hours a day. Most of the employees are productive for only 37% of the day. Rewarding an employee for a job well done inspires them to work harder.
We will take a closer look at how companies can structure and implement a comprehensive reward and recognition program that increases long-term employee productivity.

Ensure Employees Know How To Earn Rewards: Employees who are left in the dark on selection criteria may perceive unfairness or bias when recipients are announced. They depict the process by which rewards and recognition are distributed (e:g which employees are eligible, who will receive what, who the decision-makers are), etc.

Employees who understand what they’re working towards are more likely to boost their performance. For example, if your company is launching a rewards-based wellness program, make sure your employees understand what they need to do to earn a reward with this program, whether it’s by going to the doctor, running five miles, or attending an event with coworkers, etc. When your employees understand what boxes to check to earn a reward.

Offering Unique Rewards: Offering a variety of unique and valuable rewards can encourage your employees to work harder and smarter. Every workplace has its own unique culture, so what your workforce seeks in a reward program may differ greatly from the wants of other organisation employees. Leaders should magnify the lifecycle of the rewarding process by publicly naming recipients. It’s a way to showcase top performers in a company via email, newsletter, or internal communications platform.

Recognise Small Achievements: Celebrating major wins are important, but a tunnel vision on big accomplishments may distract from recognising all the work that went into the smaller milestones. Smaller milestones are essential for achieving big wins. Your rewards and recognition program should consider offering up praise, perks, and recognition throughout the lifecycle of a project, not just at the finish line. This can make your employees feel supported and motivated at every step and will lead to a boost in productivity.

Create Personalised And Specific Recognition: In the recognition process, a personalised approach helps in better engagement of employees. Personal notes of appreciation and recognition announcements are a vital part of building a productive workplace culture. Try recognising hard-working employees with a personalised touch like a small handwritten letter or one-on-lunch with a member of the executive team. This type of experience will show your employees that you care about them and provide a greater incentive to go above and beyond. 

Your employee experience will continue to grow if you hire the right talent and provide them with a challenging and rewarding experience. Tracking the cost-benefit of each reward offered enables your company to invest in the incentives that impact employee productivity. The workforce will contribute to organisational goals without consuming too much of your budget. 

eHRMS by Neural IT is a cloud-based software helping simplify daily HR tasks. Digitize your HR function & let eHRMS empower HR’s to easily onboard new hires, track employee progress, and analyze data to support employee development and organization.

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We all strive to achieve success, and some perks on achieving it motivate us further. ‘Rewards & Recognition’ is one of the best ways to motivate.
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Improve Your Employee Productivity With Reward & Recognition

7 Benefits Of Integrating An HR Software

Performance is essential for any role in a business, and the quality of a company’s performance sets the stage for the future. In the present-day digital age, it is important to have an HR tool that keeps the HR operations smooth. 

Here are ‘The 7 Benefits’ how an HR can utilize HR software in the workplace to be productive and in sync.
1. Comprehends Performance Management

Performance reviews are big aspects of any organisations. An HR software does not focus solely on the performance review but also offers other features like the ability to share feedback, goals, and objectives. This type of performance review can be highly beneficial when it comes to succession planning and overall productivity improvement.

2. Hassle-Free Payroll

Having an automated payroll system can save a company from the trouble of outsourcing payroll and gives the company more control over payroll information. Automation can reduce the risk of entering and calculation errors greatly while making paydays easier.
3. Simplifies Leave & Attendance 

Employees suddenly have to request leaves for holidays or sickness absences, and one would not be happy to be entangled with messy, time-consuming email trails. This can significantly disrupt workflow and productivity.

It is also one of the most time-consuming aspects of HR managers. A great HR software simplifies and automates the way to keep track of each employee’s pending leaves, calculate pro-rata entitlement, and handle holiday requests.

4. Seamless Onboarding

A solid HR software makes onboarding easier than ever. New hires can use it to update their details, easy-to-access documents, check organisation charts, and get insights into the culture of the company.
5. Saves Time And Increases Productivity

Automating HR operations reduces the time and effort it takes to complete each task. It helps to be more efficient and productive with work management regardless of the number of employees. An HR software provides a variety of workflows for HR departments, thus enabling their productivity and efficiency.
6. Secures Data

Data security has become a big problem or at least a consideration for many businesses. HR software can overall improve security by reducing the amount of paperwork and reducing the number of ways in which security can be breached. Such software also comes with a disaster recovery feature, which helps in no data loss and easy recovery.
7. Improves Employee Engagement

User-friendly, well-designed HR software can help to transform employees’ perceptions of the HR department. Due to the advancements in technology, employees expect more from the digital devices and services their employers provide. HR system comes with an option of employee self-service, which enables the employee to review their payslips, job posting, performance review, and so on. Providing employees with mobile application service allows them to easily access their information from anywhere.

Benefits Summary:

  •  24×7 Availability
  •  Employee Self-Service Option
  •  Authorized Access
  •  Flawless Payroll
  •  Easy Leave Application
  •  Cost Reduction With Paperless HR and Payroll Services

eHRMS by Neural IT is a cloud-based software helping HR’s to simplify their daily tasks. Digitize your HR function & let eHRMS empower HR’s to easily onboard new hires, track employee progress, and analyze data to support employee development and organisation.

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How an HR can utilize HR software in the workplace to be productive and in sync.
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7 Benefits Of Integrating An HR Software | eHRMS Blog

Why Startup Firms Should Invest In HR

Is it worth investing in HR? How would one benefit from it? The question is never given a thought when starting up a firm. A startup business owner would frequently seek to cultivate friendly, informal relationships, under the basis of trust and casual compliance. Here, the HR department plays an important role in managing people, workplace culture, and the environment. They also deal with common issues like compensation, performance management, organisation development, employee motivation, training, and others.
Finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent is no longer the only work that the HR department does; developing strategic policies, employee engagement, and standardizing the hierarchy are the other aspects that are covered by the department.

Let's look at what HRM can bring to your plate.

Recruitment To Retirement
Recruitment is the process of hiring the right talent within or outside of an organisation for a job opening. A business owner may not be aware of the standard hiring processes; an HR can provide guidance to ensure that the company extends offers to suitable candidates. Similarly, they can help in the smooth functioning of the exit and retirement process, allowing the owners to focus on business operations and profitability.

Training To Thriving
Training and development is an essential step in building a strong employer-employee relationship and is also a key job function of HR. They not only conduct induction but also thrives the employees to be aspiring leaders for supervisory and management roles. HR can create such learning and development modules using software applications.

Hiring a tech-savvy HR can simplify the entire HR process.

Salary & Settlement
Handling payroll is a tedious job. Payroll comprises of aspects like pay run, payslip & report generation, tax, and PF & ESIC. The HR department can help develop compensation structures along with procedures for full & final settlement. The department also conducts extensive surveys to maintain compensation costs in line with the organisation's current financial status and projected revenue.

Policies & Procedure
A business is formed on terms and conditions; hence, suitable policies and procedures must be in place for the people associated with it. These policies successfully recognize the limit between providing employees with proper guidance for appropriate behavior at work. Some policies are framed on the basis of law & order. HR ensures that the policies are in place to maintain equality, safety, and consistency in the workplace.

HR with a sound knowledge of latest technology can bring in a more tech-based
revolution in an organisation.

eHRMS by Neural IT is a cloud-based software helping HR’s to simplify their daily tasks. Digitize your HR function & let eHRMS empower HR’s to easily onboard new hires, track employee progress, and analyze data to support employee development and organisation.

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The HR department is an integral part of any organisation allowing business heads to focus on core goals and vision. Read more...
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Why Startup Firms Should Invest In HR | eHRMS Blog

The Unseen Gap Between Employer and Employees

The Employee Outlook


All Employees in an organisation are assigned certain responsibilities to be completed within a certain amount of time. There are times they feel like they are working day in and day out with limited resources and tools. The constant question ringing in their mind is, ”Am I at the right place? Am I utilising my skills well?”


Employees may or may not always see things beyond their own capabilities. Their desire to outperform every single task assigned may not be aligned with the organisation’s core objectives.


The Employer Outlook

Employers may or may not always see beyond their existing business potential as they are inclined towards the company’s overall reputation. They probably have a business plan in mind linked to certain company objectives. Their main motto is maximizing resources and tools crucial in achieving good profit.

They keep thinking often whether the employees are putting in enough effort to generate impressive results pointing towards business growth.


Employer and employees may not always think on the same track because their reason to join the organisation was different from Day 1. Here lies the gap that needs to be intervened at the right time and in the right way.


HR’s Role in Bridging the Gap

Define the Impact of Effort on Targets

When employees are aware of how their work quality is impacting the team’s combined targets, it is a major ego boost for them. This must be put into the employee’s conscience from the first day itself.


Invest in Peak Performers

When it comes to hiring top talents, go for the ones who fit your organisation's business goals. If he/ she has been hired for job A, you can also evaluate his skills for future needs. The main advantage in this is that you are utilising full capabilities of the employee if he turns out to be skilled in more than one field.


Create an Effective Work Environment

When organisations get to utilise those skill set of employees which are aligned with the business performance, change occurs. When performance expectations are clear, there is no room for a negative cycle of dialogues like, “This is not what I want..” or “This is not how it is done...”


HR professionals always face some challenges in meeting the demands of employees’ and employers’ while ensuring a smooth workflow.

If you are an HR looking for automated solutions to all HR processes, register here:

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All Employees in an organisation are assigned certain responsibilities to be completed within a certain amount of time. There are times they feel like
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The Unseen Gap Between Employer and Employees
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