User Profile

  • Profile Details

    Every user entitled to use eHRMS can view their personal details in the View Profile section along with the basic details of their immediate family members. These information is in editable format for each user. So it is easier for the employee to update any changes in address or name.

  • Statutory Details

    The user profile also provides information about an employees Bank Details, License Number, Pension information and Insurance details.

  • Employee Work Details

    Every user’s profile also displays work permit information with renewal reminder, roles and responsibilities, shift details, skills, education and employment history.

user profile

Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self Service
  • Login Details

    An employee time in and time-out is automatically saved in the system as soon as the person checks in for the day, which is displayed in the user’s profile. This automation becomes convenient to measure time devotion for clearing out taks.

  • To-do List

    eHRMS can help in planning your day at work like a pro. Set up a to-do list for prioritizing your duties and meetings. This makes it simpler to complete work within deadlines efficiently.

  • Leave Dashboard

    Employees get a clear picture about leave availability, leave types and leave requests applied/ approved. HR can easily act on leave requests with few clicks. Say bye-bye to sending numerous follow-ups on emails for leaves.

  • Work Hour Application

    Short work hour and half day requests can be conveniently reviewed from eHRMs dashboard. Employees and HR don’t have to spend much time requesting and approving work hour requests.

  • Monthly Payslip

    An employee does not have to invest time in obtaining payslip information. It is right there in the eHRMS dashboard, where an employee can view their monthly payslip with appropriate deductions.

Attendance Management

  • Biometric Device

    Our software can be easily integrated with biometric time and attendance system for tracking login and logout time for every employee. Eliminate Proxies and combat manual flaws.

  • Web-check In

    Employees can login to their respective eHRMS profile to mark their attendance for the day. The system automatically records the time-in and time-out for every user displaying work hours in the profile.

  • Mobile App Check-In

    eHRMS mobile app, which is available on all android and iOS devices, permits on-field employees to check-in conveniently using the GPS feature in the app.

  • Mass Attendance Upload

    Upload attendance for the entire month within minutes. No need to keep track of various excel sheets.

Attendance Management

Leave Management

Leave Management
  • Leave Types & Policies

    Define your leave types and policies clearly for all FAQs related to leave application applicable to various grades and designations.

  • Leave Balance

    The leave dashboard in the system indicates amount of leaves available in each leave type and displays leave history too. Easy leave tracking allows to eliminate unwanted confusions.

  • Leave Application & Rules

    With proper leave policies and application rules laid down in the leave dashboard, it is much easier for the employees to apply for leave and half day requests.

  • Leave Approval & History

    HR can respond to leave requests with just few clicks and review leaves taken or missed for every month. For missed leaves employees get a reminder to apply leave to avoid salary deduction.

HR Functions

  • Payroll Processing

    eHRMS Payroll module automates time-consuming payroll processing without any trouble. The system assists the HR to generate payroll which is compliant with the latest statutory policies and tax deduction norms. We take care of everything from PF, Bonuses, Gratuity.

  • Overtime Calculation

    With eHRMS on board, forget getting lost in calculating overtime and bonuses. Set your preferences and complete such routine tasks conveniently.

  • HR Letter Generation

    We have an in-built bank of various HR letter templates which makes it easier for the HR to form precise official letters ranging from Offer Letter to Experience Letter.

HR Functions

HR & Employee Connect

HR & Employee Connect
  • Share Thoughts and Blog

    An in-house social platform to connects employees with each other as well as with the HR eases the pressure at the workplace. Whether you are a manager or a trainee, you are free to share your thoughts, quotes, and blogs through eHRMS.

  • Birthday Wishes, Work Anniversary & Event Updates

    You will never miss your co-worker’s birthday now! eHRMS notifies every user about birthdays and work anniversaries of the people working in an organization. The employer can also directly send upcoming event updates, new joinee update, or any process change information on eHRMS.

  • Organization Structure

    A new employee can get a quick view of the company’s hierarchy from the organogram displaying the company’s Director, CEO, Managers, Team Leads, Associates, etc.

Selection and Recruitment

  • Manpower Requisition Form

    Ease the pressure of resource requirement with our Manpower Requisition section for notifying the team about the need for a new person in the team.

  • Pre Joining Documentation

    With the ease of uploading documents through a secured link, pre-joining documentation formalities can be handled smoothly supporting our Paperless documentation ideology.

Selection and Recruitment

Payroll Management

Payroll Management
  • Automatic Payroll Generation

    Customisable templates for automatic payroll generation within minutes!

  • Simplified Tax Declaration

    Income Tax declaration and deduction are inbuilt features adhered to provide you with accurate numbers.

  • Easy Statutory Compliance Process

    We ensure your payroll process is statutory compliant. Relieving you from any legal trouble.

  • Track and Manage Employee Loan

    We offer the right support for keeping track of employee loans, EMI calculations, Interest rates, and monthly recovery reports.

  • Payslip Download & Email Option

    Get digitally smart. Download and email options included for payslips.

  • Salary Arrears

    Overcome Trivial errors while processing a salary with a reliable arrears calculations feature.

  • Leave Encashment

    More power to the HR to create and manage Leave Policies.

Document Management

  • Digital Storage For Employee Records

    Docutame, our document management system, comes with a safe and secure document storage system to avoid a data breach. Easily store all employee records and important document in a digital format for reducing paperwork and practicing secured sharing this avoiding manual errors and delays in document management.

  • Tagging and Bookmarking Documents

    Multiple users can work on the shared documents without compromising on the original content. Bookmarking, Tagging, and Indexing features allow reaching to any section of the document instantly.

  • Document Retrieval

    Recover Lost and Deleted Documents without much effort with our advanced document search feature. You can anytime switch to a previous version while working on a document.

Document Management

Asset Management

Asset Management
  • Asset Request

    With our asset management system handling your organization’s asset request and allocation is easier than ever. No need to maintain bulky registers and files. You can enter asset records and maintain clear data about every detail about the systems. You will never miss any information related to asset allocation and retrieval without maintaining several excel sheets.

Learning and Development

  • Create Courses, Quizzes, Presentations

    With our learning management system FlexiLMS, you can organize training sessions by creating online courses, quizzes, and presentations for interactive learning sessions.

  • Performance Statistics

    A quick glimpse is all it takes to evaluate training sessions. With eye-pleasing graphs and charts, it is interesting to keep track of an employee’s learning progress and effectiveness of the training.

Learning and Development

Mobile Application

Mobile Application
  • Built-in Geo Location Tracker

    eHRMS mobile location comes with built-in GPS tracker for tracking on-field employees from your office location.

  • Selfie Check-In and Check-Out

    Employees working in a remote location can simply take a selfie and check-in through the mobile application.

Loan & Advance

  • Loan Application & Approval

    Loan module is integrated to display loan criteria depending on the employee’s job slab and salary package. Loan Request and Approval status can be reviewed within minutes!

  • Salary Advance Request (Tuck Shop)

    Employees can send salary advance request and managers can act on it with just a few clicks.

  • Department-Wise Graphical Data

    Overall graphical data can be fetched for every loan request sanction, pending or in the process in the organization.

Loan & Advance

Travel and Reimbursement Expenses

Travel and Reimbursement Expenses
  • Submit, Approve, and Track Status

    Travel and Reimbursement related documents can be uploaded to the system for quick review and approval. The managers can work on the request without losing precious minutes. Digital storing and sharing eliminates confusion and hassle of paperwork.