Six Things to Know Before Buying A HRMS

  • Six Things to Know Before Buying A HRMS

When you are looking for the ‘Best HRMS software’ you will come across thousands of results making it difficult for you to choose the appropriate one. Every other software provider boasts about their product’s unique features and worthiness. But before jumping into conclusion you have to consider some important points regarding an HRMS software. Will the new software covers all aspects you are taking it for? Will it prove to be a burden in the long run? How much would it take to maintain it smoothly? All such doubts must be cleared before you say ‘YES’ to implement an HRMS.

So now we will look into some of the common questions and concerns regarding buying an HRMS software.


Business Needs
The first important thing you must know is your own ‘business’ and ‘organisation goals’. Sit down with your HR team to get key features required to digitise the entire HR process. Do these requirements overlap with the HR software you are eyeing right now? If yes, consider how it can help in the growth of the organisation.

The important factor which can help you choose a product is definitely its features. You need to know if Product A is better than other software in the market. It will depend on the company’s experience in making software for large-scale business. Though no software is 100% bug-free, we should still check its reliability by investigating on the number of active installs and vendor’s existence in the industry.


Software Compatibility
The worst scenario is when you find out your new software does not work with your existing payroll system. To avoid making such disaster decisions, check in advance if there are any critical fixes required to integrate the new HRMS with your current payroll module and leave module. Take enough measures to make sure any customisation steps should not affect the compatibility of the HR software.


Contract Agreement
When you are given a contract document you may or may not understand all the legal jargons mentioned in that piece of paper. Do not fall into the hidden trap. Get the documents read by a good lawyer to avoid any future disagreements or major loss. You need to review proprietary and confidential aspects of the dealing before agreeing to shake hands with the vendor. Check if the vendor is authorised to safeguard your data and also their ownership rights for selling the software.


Hidden Costs
Whatever software features and magic the vendor vouch for how much will it all cost is the main question which arises. Clarify whether the charges are one-time or to annually paid, it is really worth for your organisation? Will it serve your purpose better than other HR software? What do the charge for implementation? Are there any hidden charges for upgrades and bug fixes? Also, try and find out if they can provide a proper training for all the people in your organisation. Do they charge for it too? And there might be many more questions regarding cost. It is better to ask and clear it out before implementing the software.


Support Policy
Your organisation’s workflow would largely be influenced by the quality of the HRMS implemented. So you must make sure they are no glitches in any process. For that, you will need a dedicated support system for the software, 24x7 support services are what you have to watch out for. Read between the lines to check if one dedicated person would be available anytime to resolve issues right away. Read their contract carefully to take note of their customer support timing for weekdays, weekends and during holidays.


Lastly, when you still feel puzzled about buying the best ‘HRMS’, go ahead and take a trial first! 


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