HR Strategies To Keep Employee Mental Health In Check

  • HR Strategies To Keep Employee Mental Health In Check

Most workplaces already follow performance management system to keep a regular track of employees’ productivity. While it is important to detect and resolve what is not working, it is wise to take such an approach which will not spoil the enthusiasm of a non-performing employee.


What happens when an employee is mentally unwell?

Many employees and managers tend to work well even while experiencing mental issues like depression and anxiety. And there are many others who happen to lose focus if they are facing some severe mental problem. A mentally unwell employee’s performance gets affected naturally. There might be a change in his/her behaviour and reactions to certain situations. There might be cases when an employee might burst out of mental stress or react in an unacceptable way. To avoid or control such situations, it is necessary for the Human Resource department of the organisation to have an action plan in place.


What can you do as an HR?

Talk Before you Act

Most workplace issues get resolved with an open discussion which would rule out any possibility of favouritism and disciplinary action. You often do not notice a mental problem until it becomes a visible issue on the floor. As an HR you can play the role of an in-house counsellor by implementing an open door policy to create a regular connection with all employees in your organisation. Maintaining a trustworthy and healthy relationship between HR and employees will ensure fewer burnouts and would encourage troubled employees to speak up more often.


Try Not To Judge

Some people refrain from admitting that they are experiencing mental issues for the fear of being isolated and ridiculed in public. Though making judgments and assumptions are part of human nature, it is best advised for an HR to show concern and communicate without judging the employee’s behaviour.

For instance, when you see too many errors in a report and feel it needs to be raised, instead of saying, “Why don’t you focus on your work?” try saying, “Listen, we need to have an error-free report, let me know if you need any help with that”.


Encourage Self Resolution

When mental issues affect performance, it is essential to encourage employees to develop their own solutions and strengthen their existing skills to overcome anxiety and depression in the workplace. A diversion from any normal behavior of an employee is a sign there is something you missed to take note of.  While you may not be able to fulfill each and every demand of the employee, you can attempt to satisfy their basic needs to ensure a sound mental condition. Focus on resolving the issue rather than playing the blame-game.


If you think your team is not close-knit enough to share each other’s issues, as an HR, you can arrange for them to attend peer support or an employee wellbeing workshop or presentation. With a proper understanding of handling workplace issues, you can guarantee a healthier and stronger group of professionals in your organisation.


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