How To Deal With Under Performing Employees?

  • How To Deal With Under performing Employees

There are many parameters involved in a recruiting process which tests if a particular candidate would prove to be a gem or just another employee. However, it is only after a certain period of time that you may notice the lags in your choice of candidate. Are you one of those who wonders how to deal with an underperforming employee? Do you think your employee motivational activities are not working well? Here are 3 tips to help you through such situations.

What You Should NOT Do

If you notice that some of your employees are not performing as expected or utilising their full potential, what would you do? Would you fire them right away? No, you shouldn’t. Because that would mean wastage of resources and time involved in training the new hiree.

What you can do is follow a new way of dealing with it. Sudden negative feedback can spoil the morale of an employee and that can impact the team’s overall performance.

Give proper & timely feedback

Before criticising an employee for his lack of efforts, it is important to give that person adequate feedback whenever possible. An open conversation is all it takes to express the changes needed on an immediate basis and on a later stage. Communication makes it easier for the employee to understand what went wrong in his or her approach and what can be done to get the right direction.

Empower The Employee

Finding a solution to the performance issue must not seem like a burden to the employee. Let the employee take charge of the situation and suggest ways to deal with the performance lapse. This gives them added motivation to improve their confidence level. Outline clear objectives and must-do steps to meet those objectives. Check with the employee if there were loops in the training provided or any additional training will be required in the future.

Follow-up Often

A good mentor never forgets to follow-up with the employees. Once the objectives are outlined, make sure to monitor the progress. Showing interest in the employee’s progress can be beneficial in boosting their morale and the company’s culture.


Letting your employee discontinue working for you must be the last resort. Unless the employee continues to break the rules, underperform or show lack of enthusiasm, you should refrain from cutting the ties permanently. Instead, focus on implementing performance management systems to encourage positive workplace relationships and personality development opportunities. Set high priority on recruiting the right people into the team and provide adequate support to get the best out of every employee.

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