Essential Onboarding Tips For HR During Lockdown

  • Essential Onboarding Tips For HR During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is not showing signs of slowing down, which has resulted in the maximum number of companies to implement the remote work culture. Remote work has actively helped the companies to survive the economic crisis caused due to the pandemic. Although it is difficult to manage the remote workforce, it has many advantages to keep your business afloat during the difficult times like the current coronavirus scenario. Human resources will play a key role in tackling the crisis by undertaking various effective policies and measures to improve employee engagement. Some of the duties of a human resource like onboarding will become difficult but not impossible. HRs must undertake relevant measures to process the onboarding of new joiners. Some of the companies are laying off their employees to deal with the crisis, whereas some are feeling the urge to increase the workforce, which needs immediate hiring of employees. HR of such companies should be ready with an effective process of online onboarding process by implementing necessary tools.

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Make Efficient Use Of Technology

Effective use of technology can ease the process of onboarding for HRs during the lockdown. Using modern technological modes like video calling, along with social media, can be helpful for the advancement of the onboarding process. Make use of the latest apps and devices to smoothen your onboarding experience during the lockdown. Some of the popular apps for processing online onboarding are Zoom and GoToMeeting. It can help in creating different online engaging activities for the new joiners, which would have help in boosting enthusiasm among them. It will also give a fair idea about the company and their job roles to the employees. An employee who will be joining work remotely during the lockdown will be fully unaware of the company and its work culture, which will make it essential for the company to undertake necessary measures by implying effective apps for the same.

Maintain A Flexible Time Frame

Generally, onboarding process varies from 30-40 days from the date of joining including the induction process. HR must create a precise plan, which will ease the onboarding process without any confusion for the new joiners. Sufficient time is the key to an effective onboarding process as more time will give a clearer picture to the new employee in terms of work culture and their job role. A short onboarding process can create a negative impact on the employees, which will give a degrading image of the company.

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Human Resource & IT Department Must Co-ordinate Efficiently

Human resources and the IT department of the company play a vital role during the onboarding process of an employee. Human resource takes care of the documentation work, whereas the IT department looks after the hardware setup by providing the necessary equipment required according to the job role. Effective communication between these two departments can fasten the onboarding process.

Include Employee Engaging Activities

HR should make sure that the new joiner gets a warm welcome on the very first day of the joining as it will generate a feeling of belongingness among the new joiners towards the company. Conducting online activities like quizzes and online introductory sessions among the employees will be the best move to increase engagement among the new joiners. HR can also conduct online sessions to aware the employees about their job role with the help of a video or PowerPoint presentation. A round of questions and answers during the initial video conferencing is also a good move for the maximum employee engagement. Visit our website at eHRMS to see how we implement employee engagement.

Implementing the above measures will ensure a smooth onboarding by boosting the level of enthusiasm among the employees. A thorough onboarding ensures that an employee will stay with the company for a longer period, which makes it essential to implement an effective onboarding process, whether it is at the workplace or while remote hiring.


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