The Best Way To Boost Work-Life Balance

  • The Best Way To Boost Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is the most sought-after bonus every working individual craves for because after getting employed the most important thing you miss out on is the ‘Me’ time. Well, as an employer or an HR professional you must be feeling the need to find how you can make it happen without sacrificing precious productive hours of the employees. Whether you need to reduce absenteeism or retention rate, you can definitely contribute towards achieving the most desired goal of work-life balance.


Have you ever considered these useful tips?


The Funda of Flexible Hours
Many workplaces are already modifying the '9-to-5' model of office working hours by allowing employees to choose their own shift timings. Also, people working in different departments have different thought processes;  some are more productive in the morning hours, while some show increased creativity during the later hours. Whatever be the reason, it will be great if employers consider such flexible-shifts in their organisation. Employees will definitely be more motivated and content when given such perks as compared to feeling the crunch of the 9 to 5 cycle.


Multinational companies like Apple Inc. are pretty cool about their employees working from any location as long as work is getting done. You might ponder over the employee’s productivity at such times which is completely understandable, but there has been a positive outcome on the whole. Telecommuting benefits people who are stuck in some emergencies but are perfectly alright operating a system from their current location. By encouraging telecommuting, you are lending a helping hand to employees who have to stay at home to look after a sick child or a pet, be with old parents or have a doctor’s appointment.


Get Social. Get Proactive.
Mentors in our school encouraged extra-curricular activities to balance our skill set with both intellectual as well as sports-related learning. Similarly, we need the same thought process implemented at workplaces too. To keep things flowing at a steady pace, employees need an ice-breaker not just on Day 1 but throughout their tenure in the organization. Start by arranging some fun activities every Fridays like movie quiz, flash mob, cooking competition, truth & dare, etc. The benefit? Employees will look forward to 'office Fridays' and feel excited about what’s in for the Friday.


Healthy & Hearty Factor
An essential factor in work-life balance is giving priority to one’s health. Often long working hours leave very little time for employees to practice yoga or moderate exercises. However, as a responsible employer you should encourage fitness activities in the workplace by planning seminars and workshops within the organisation on the importance of health and fitness, or you can arrange anything like a Yoga Tuesday or a Zumba Session @5; even tying up with a nearby fitness center can help to promote a healthy lifestyle for your employees.


It is easier said than done. All these strategies may or may not work for your employees, but trying is better than not trying. As an employer, you can at first lead by example by taking smaller steps towards achieving work-life balance. Secondly, you can interact and find from employees what issues challenge them from achieving a balance between work and home.


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