The Best HR Practices For 2019

  • The Best HR Practices For 2019

With the change in the year, a lot more changes rapidly, and that includes Human Resource strategies as well. From flexible work hours to gig economy, a lot has changed over the years at workplaces. Let us have a look at what HR practices would work best in 2019.


Employee Experience Than Employee Engagement
There is a good reason that most companies are focused on getting more and more customer reviews for their services or products. Customers are the torch-bearers to a better tomorrow. Consider treating your employees as your customers because they represent you not just inside the company but outside office premises as well and reflect your brand. A recent survey indicated 69% candidates would rather stay jobless than be associated with a company having a bad reputation. Organisations failing to offer engaging activities and powerful learning opportunities often struggle to retain the top talents.


The Gig Economy
In a gig economy, instead of full-time employees, companies hand over projects to freelancers or independent workers. It opens a new gateway to incorporate blended workforce benefits in achieving project deadlines. The challenge for human resources would be to help such blended teams to work in perfect harmony without losing the company culture. Freelancers would take up 40% of the total workforce by 2020. Relying on flexible work provisions would improve the employer’s market value for expanding the talent pool and retaining highly skilled employees.


Stronger Workplace Policies & Ethics
The human resource department is the first resort for employees who suffer discrimination at workplaces. As more and more corporate scandal reports are sprouting up, many organisations are refining their sexual harassment policies to protect their employees. As an HR, it is essential to show empathy towards such complaints and implement appropriate solutions.


The Digital Drift
The biggest innovation in the HR industry is actually the ‘Digitalisation of the HR processes’ which is here to stay for a long time. The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) automates everything from Payroll to Asset Management in a seamless way to reduce pressure on the HR department. The shift to the digital methods can create more room for the HR to incorporate latest in the training and development forte. With Learning Management System (LMS) integrated with the HR software, it becomes easier to conduct training sessions with less overhead cost. 


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