7 Deadly HR Sins

  • 7 Deadly HR Sins

What does a typical work day look like for an HR? Well, it might vary according to the size of the company but in general, the routine involves scheduling recruitment meetings, welcoming new joinees, managing attendance and payroll, hearing out to employee requests and grievances, staying abreast with latest work policies, and many more such tasks. Depending on the size of your staff and your company, they might be advertising open positions and recruiting new employees, onboarding new staff, managing payroll, and benefits, investigating complaints, writing and policing company policies, changing employees’ status forms, overseeing staff training and development, and much, much more. But the HR department is often doing some sins as part of their work. Let us look at some of them and what can be done to seem it less like a sin.


Not Treating Job-Seekers Well

Every person coming in contact with an HR has the potential to voice their opinion indirectly affecting the company’s reputation in a big way. You never know who will prove as a boon to your company’s progress and who might be trying to pull you down. They might be your future customers, too. It is essential to value job seekers You have to design your training and recruitment programs accordingly.

Being the Moral Police

80% of employees dislike being monitored from head-to-toe while at the workplace. No doubt, it is an HR’s responsibility to make sure employees adhere to company guidelines and policies but then too an HR must know where to pull the chords and where to be the moral police.

Being Incompetent

In most situations an employee expects the Human Resource department to resolve an issue in the workplace. But employees often find the HR to be incompetent and inadequately trained to handle employee conflicts. This happens mostly when an HR prefers to ignore the actual problem by sending flowery emails.

Being The Liar

It is a well-known fact that the HR department has access to confidential employee information and company policies. They are the direct point of contact for the management as well as the employees. Many employees feel the HR department can easily slip away by concealing the truth behind a situation. Though human resource is supposed to be more humane, it is often the part of their job to withhold certain information from employees.

Not Taking Action

Though HR department is linked to the recruitment process; it more often in the best interest of the managers to decide whether to keep an employee or fire them right away. While employees might see this as a sin by the HR; they actually have not much control to make hiring and firing decisions.

Favoring The Management

Most employees feel that the HR department would only favor management while dealing with employee grievances. They have the responsibility to keep the company safe from any legal hassle. So there are situations where an HR would not go against the management. And it is very rare to find employee interest coincide with company policies. These all things look like a sin to employees.

Forced Participation

To promote healthier work-life balance, there might be several feel-good events arranged in the office premises like a secret Santa or a  lucky pot. But the participation window must be kept open for employees to decide about their involvement. You obviously cannot force someone to enjoy a particular event.

Whether sin or not, Human Resource department spends hours to keep an organisation going strong. It is part of their job to keep certain things a certain way, an employees perception about HR is a sensitive topic which is changing over time.