5 Must-Watch Movies & TV Shows For HR During This Lockdown

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Lockdown has enforced a large number of population to stay home, which has resulted in implying work from home policy for most of the companies nationwide. Although work from home has many drawbacks, there are even some benefits of working from home like, ample time is saved for the employees who travel to their workplaces from far places. Employees can utilise the saved time in polishing their skills and spending quality time with their loved ones. Lockdown has helped many employees to maintain a proper work-life balance, which was lost due to the hectic work schedule, especially HR professionals. HR is one of the busiest people in any company and the most important one too, due to which the HR is the first to be at work and the last one to leave. But, working from home can be relatively convenient for a human resource professional, and even if working from home is becoming difficult for an HR professional, we have listed some of the movies and tv shows for HRs to motivate them and polish their skills.

5 Movies To Watch For HR


Invictus is a movie based on the biography of Nelson Mandela. The movie outlines how Mandela fills the gap between white and black people. It is a perfect example of how great leadership can be effective for yielding positive outcomes. Invictus is an impactful movie for HR to understand how spreading positivity among the employees can be beneficial for the company.

Up In The Air

Up in the Air is a fine example of how firing employees can have adverse effects on the company as well apart from the employee who is fired. The protagonist of the movie works as a "corporate downsizer" who fire employees as per the needs of the company's budget. It also makes clear the concept of how people leave people and not the organisations. It is one of the movies that will help HR to understand more about the office politics and consequences of firing of an employee.


Data is the most prominent asset for the human resources and Moneyball can be an ultimate movie to understand more precisely the value of data. The movie revolves around the game of baseball and the highlight is when the lead of the movie makes everyone realise that a computer can assemble a team better than a human. The movie portrays how classified data can manage to build a great team yielding outstanding results.

The Internship

The movie Internship is also a good movie for an HR to watch, especially an HR intern. The movie highlights the journey of a group of interns and the hardships and office politics they face at work. The movie can relate to most of the interns in business and can be the best way to polish your skills. Even the well-experienced professional can relate some of the incidences in the movie with their personal experiences in the past when they were interns.

The Pursuit Of Happiness

The Pursuit Of Happiness is a movie based on the life story of Chris Gardener, an American businessman. It is a perfect example of how not to give up even in the difficult phases of life. The inspiring story of Chris Gardener will change the perspective of life positively. The movie brilliantly portrays how ignoring negative aspects and embracing positivity can be the stepping stone of success.

5 TV Shows To Watch For HR

Human Resources

Human Resources is an animated series giving an insight into the human resource department of an innovative recycling company, TerraCycle. The light-hearted series is a must-watch for HR, as it makes understand the importance of teamwork more precisely. The situations and many incidences mentioned in the series may help to upgrade your skills, and some simple solutions portrayed in the series may help in solving some of your queries.


Aggretsuko is another animated series that can be helpful for HR to learn more about how toxic workplace can have adverse effects on the employee's mental and personal health. Although the characters in the series are that of animals, employees can relate them with their stories at the office. The daily life of employees is brilliantly portrayed in the series with a humorous punch for entertainment.

House Of Cards

House Of Cards is a web series on Netflix with an engaging plot that gives an insight into office politics and how worse it can become. The web series brilliantly shows the brutal bosses and their sly moves to disguise employees and their minds accordingly. It gives a sheer insight into how the corporate world runs, and how the powerful people can manipulate the reality for their convenience.

Mad Men

Mad Men is a perfect example of how a weak human resource department can make the company inefficient. The series revolves around the functioning of an Ad agency where HR is less valued and gender discrimination, affairs, and fraudulent employees are normal. Mad Men even highlights office politics to an extent that can be relatable even today.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy series revolving around the police procedures and officers. Although your workplace is not a police station but the ideas and plots in the series can be relatable to your daily work life. It precisely shows how diverse work culture can be the best way for common and positive results. It will explain the importance of diverse skillset and educate you about why trust and positive relations with fellow employees are necessary.

Lockdown is the best time for HRs to upgrade their skills and spend quality time with their families, and entertainment can be the best way to keep an HR engage as well as informed. The movies and series mentioned above will not only entertain HRs but will also convey important messages that can be implemented by the HR at the workplace.

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