3 Tips To Get Over a Bad Performance Review

  • 3 Tips To Get Over a Bad Performance Review


The performance appraisal season is something most employees look forward to, in hopes that they will be noticed and praised for their dedication and progress. Some employees breeze through the performance review with flying colours, but there are some who might have received a bad review by their manager.


Getting a bad review can be disheartening for any employee, but it can be taken into a positive stride, provided one considers it as a checklist for improving themselves. Here’s a brief guide on how to take a poor performance report in a positive way:


Keep Patience & Think Over it

It is not necessary that you revolt back after a bad experience at the review process. You must wait and think before you do something that you will regret later. Take a day or two to sit over and think about what can be done to improve your work. Write the questions coming to your mind while evaluating yourself; maybe you could ask your boss in the next meeting for some tips to improve on those shortcomings.


Avoid The Blaming Game

Saying things like ''that was your fault” or “it’s not my job” will tag you as rude, defensive, and unprofessional, not just in your manager’s eyes but in front of your team too. A performance review meeting is not the place where you can talk about your teammates in a critical way. If you ever feel some goof-ups were not because of your carelessness, try not to blame it on other people. Instead, try to be polite and apologize as a team, and say something that sounds like a solution for a better tomorrow.


Schedule a Follow-up

While you may or may not agree with your manager about your performance review, thank them for their precious time spent on analysing your work and try to schedule a follow-up meeting to continue the conversation. This will show that you are interested in taking charge of your performance. Once you know your shortcomings and the scope of improvement, it will be beneficial for your next review meeting.


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